‘Rawon Setan’ Lovers

Gambar The ‘Rawon Setan’ Lovers


As part of the series of HOSPITOUR 2019 annual event, the lover of ‘Rawon Setan’ traditional food from BINUS Tourism Department decided to enter the Food Vlog Competition. Weldy, Anastasia and Rivaldo from class of Binusian 2022, play out on the screen for joining the competition. Details about menu of rawon can be looked in here.

This year, the committee asked HOSPITOUR Food Vlog-ers to show about Indonesian Traditional Food. There were no restrictions for all participants to record and display their video by using any available digital recording equipment. However, no mobile phone/ smart phone video camera is allowed to be used. The duration of video should be no more than three minutes long or less than a minute with 1280 x 720 pixels or high definition (HD) result. Additionally, video needs to be uploaded to the designated link that given by the committee. Alongside the credential information such as title, name of participant(s), and institution, a hard copy of the digital video material should be submitted to the committee on a compact disc (CD) style. Finally, the committee will select and choose an Indonesian food vlog video based on its originality, composition and creativity of the display as well content.

Even though, the committee did not choose the lovers of Rawon Setan as champion. But this digital food vlog material would enhance and strengthen ‘Rawon Setan’ as one of the traditional Indonesian food that worth to taste.

Unlike its dark appearance and unordinary name – ‘Setan’ means ghost, the menu is lovely and mouthful.

If you do not believe it, please play out and see what the Rawon Setan’s Lovers were screening in as below.

Gambar [Food Vlog] Rawon Setan: the traditional black soup