The curriculum in Tourism Destination Program focuses on the range of core knowledge, skills and attitudes needed by tourism sector worldwide. Subjects in the Tourism Destination at Bina Nusantara University are:

Semester I

  • Principles of Tourism, Leisure and Recreation
  • Tourism Geography
  • Introduction to Indonesian Thematic Tourism
  • Tourism Philosophy
  • Indonesian Language
  • English University Courses I: English in Focus & English for Business Presentation
  • Foreign Language Elective I: Chinese Language I OR Japanese Language I OR French Language I OR Arabic Language I OR Spanish Language I

Semester II

  • Character Building: Pancasila
  • Principles of Tourism Accounting and Finance
  • Intercultural Communication and Service Excellence
  • Tourism Economics
  • International Tourism
  • English University Courses II: English Savvy
  • English for Written Business Communication
  • Foreign Language Elective II: Chinese Language II OR Japanese Language II OR French Language II OR Arabic Language II OR Spanish Language II

Semester III

  • Character Building: Kewarganegaraan
  • Indonesian Culture, History, and Heritage
  • English for Tourism
  • Research Method and Statistics
  • Hotel Management
  • Entrepreneurship I
  • Foreign Language Elective III: Chinese Language III OR Japanese Language III OR French Language III OR Arabic Language III OR Spanish Language

Semester IV

  • Organizational Behavior in Tourism
  • Human Resources Management for Tourism and Service Sector
  • Marketing in Tourism
  • Transportation and Travel Industry Management
  • Tourism Law and Regulation
  • Tourism Destination and Planning Management
  • E-Business and Digital Media for Tourism

Semester V

  • Event Management
  • Ecotourism and Sustainable Development
  • Facilities Design for Tourism Destination
  • Strategic Issues and Fundamental of Tourism
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship and Tourism Innovation
  • Strategic Management Tourism
  • Entrepreneurship II

Semester VI

  • Industrial Experience in Tourism
  • Industrial Experience Report in Tourism
  • Industrial Experience Seminar in Tourism
  • Business Start-up in Tourism
  • Business Model and Validation in Tourism
  • Launching New Venture in Tourism
  • EES in Tourism New Business
  • Research Experience in Tourism
  • Scientific Writing I in Tourism
  • Global EES I in Tourism
  • Community Development Design in Tourism
  • Employability & Entrepreneurial Skills in Tourism
  • Elective Course for Study Abroad 1 – 24

Semester VII

  • Professional Experience in Tourism
  • Professional Experience Report in Tourism
  • Professional Experience Seminar in Tourism
  • Growing A Business in Tourism
  • Lean Start-up & Business Plan in Tourism
  • Venture Capital in Tourism
  • EES in Tourism Business Experience
  • Research Experience in Tourism
  • Scientific Writing in Tourism
  • Global EES in Tourism
  • Community Development Project Implementation in Tourism
  • Community Development Project Evaluation in Tourism
  • Employability & Entrepreneurial Skills in Tourism

Semester VIII

  • Research Experience II in Tourism
  • Scientific Writing II in Tourism
  • Global EES II in Tourism
  • Thesis

Tourism Destination program also offers 5 tracks of enrichment program that allows student to gain experiential learning through related practical experiences. The enrichment program to be offered are:

  • Internship Track
  • Research Track
  • Entrepreneurship Track
  • Community Development Track
  • Study Abroad Track