Program Overview

The Tourism Destination at Bina Nusantara University is an entrepreneur-based study program aimed at creating tourism entrepreneurs through creativity and innovation in the field of tourism. This undergraduate program provides the knowledge and skills needed to create value through recognizing and developing opportunities. The program deals with the topics of innovation, opportunity recognition, technology transfer, industry analysis, feasibility analysis and business planning, and, also, competitive strategy.

Vision & Mission


The Tourism Destination at Bina Nusantara University is committed to the vision of making Tourism Destination Bina Nusantara University to be the best program in ASEAN 2020 through education and training of internationally competitive managers whose skills will promote, encourage, and foster regional economic development.


The mission of Tourism Department is to contribute to the global communty through the provision of world-class education by:

  1. Educating students with a thorough competency in tourism destination business, functional, and managerial skills, as well as to encourage potential students to become entrepreneurs, by providing an innovative and creative education, supported with tourism industry related work experience.
  2. Educating students to become tourism leaders in a diverse work environment and to prepare them for further advance studies.
  3. Providing professional training and consulting services in technical and managerial skills for all levels of tourism organizations, both locally and internationally.
  4. Improving the standards of living for Indonesians by providing community development programs and servicesin the tourism business and entrepreneurial sector.
  5. Retaining and acknowledging hospitality talents through research and benchmarking which in turn will enhance

Program Objectives

  1. To provide  students with a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding about tourism and professional interpresonal skill
  2. To provide students with professional expertise in the tourism destination and tourism business field that can be applied for development program and training services in a hospitality organization.
  3. To provide students with management skills through research and work experiences, thereby empowering them to become leaders in a diverse range of hospotality business in South East Asia.

Future Career

Alumni of BINUS Tourism Destination program will have an individual entrepreneur profile and find employment in a wide range of businesses, governmental organisations, NGOs, research institutes, and consultancy firms.

Types of Functions

Strategic management: Entrepreneur in Tourism, Tourism Destination Planner, Tour & Travel Manager, Event Planner, Tourist Career, Attraction Manager, Travel Writter,  Tour Leader, Tourism Marketer, Event Organizer,

Policy making: Tourism Destination Planner, Resort Activities Conceptor, Pegawai Pemerintahan Bidang Pariwisata,

Research and consultancy: Academics in Tourism, Tourism Researcher, Travel Consultant


…You can create a tailor-made study programme with a minor or free elections courses! Students may choose to fill this space by taking individual courses of their own interest. A minor and free election courses can be used as a side step to another discipline or as preparation for your continuing education…

Students Outcomes

After completing the study, graduates are:

  • Able to analyze the needs of planning development components of destinations and tourism businesses by considering literacy, regulations, policies, resources, and ipoleksosbudhankam to the tourist attraction
  • Able to design, develop, and promote tourism destination components (access, amenity, and attractions) that sustainable and affect the improvement of societies’ prosperity and environment
  • Able to propose alternatives of designed destiantions and tourism businesses as solutions to the problems related to destinations tourism by considering literacy, regulations, policies, resources, and politics, economics, socials, cultures, defenses, and securities of tourism attraction
  • Able to manage tourism products based on the related regulations and policies
  • Able to evaluate tourism destination  to ensure the sustainable tourism by considering related regulations, policies, resources, and facilities
  • Able to design regulation by considering the sustainable tourism that impacted to societies’ prosperity and environment
  • Able to design innovative and economically and sustainably value-added tourism product
  • Able to start a new business on tourism fields
  • Able to utilize information and communication technology in order to design, develop, manage, and promote tourism products