Student of Tourism Destination Binus University Attending “Rembuk Nasional Pariwisata Indonesia 2019” Event – Bersama Ikut Merajut Masa Depan Gemilang Pariwisata Indonesia 2019 – 2024

Storynomic Strategy

Tourism is included in the creative economy so that every party involved is now aggressively changing and carrying out development in various ways so that tourist destinations in Indonesia can be better. At present, local governments work together to promote tourism with a more contemporary strategy, namely “Storynomics Tourism as a New Strategy for Increasing Indonesian Tourist Visits”… (Liputan 6). Storynomics is an approach to tourism that puts forward narration, creative content, living culture, and cultural strength as the key to promotion. Examples are film media, social media such as Instagram stories and Facebook uploads, animation to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies.

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