SMART Tourism Destination Seminar – Collaboration Bournemouth University With BINUS Tourism Destination

By: Prof. Dimitrios Buhalis

The rapid development of technologies introduces smartness to all organizations and communities. The Smart Tourism Destinations (STD) concept emerges from the development of Smart Cities. With technology being embedded in all organizations and entities, destinations will exploit synergies between ubiquitous sensing technology and their social components to support the enrichment of tourist experiences.

By applying the smartness concepts to address travelers’ needs before, during and after their trip, destinations could increase their competitiveness level. This paper aims to take advantage of the development of Smart Cities by conceptualizing a framework for Smart Tourism Destinations through exploring tourism applications in the destination and addressing both opportunities and challenges it possessed.

Smart tourism, destinations, Internet of things, Smart city, Travel, and tourism Technology 


Organized By: BINUS Tourism Destination

Yopy Maulana