On the 26th of November 2019, Binus Tourism went to Lombok Island. The trip was part of the Field Trip program, held every semester. This time, 15 destinations were visited in four days during the field trip. Most of the destinations are located in Central Lombok. One of the 10 Indonesia prioritized tourism destinations, was included in the itinerary, Mandalika!

Three “Desa Wisata” tourism villages were visited on the first day of the trips. Those were Desa Sade, Desa Ende, and Desa Sukarare. The next day, the students went around Mandalika (or so-called ITDC), Pantai Gerupuk, Pantai Tanjung An, Bukit Marase, Pantai Puri Mandalika, Pantai Serenting, Pantai Kuta Mandalika. On the third day, the students savored two waterfalls, Benang Stokel Waterfall and Benang Kelambu Waterfall. Finally, on the last day, the students took their time circulating Taman Narmada and Pura Lingsar.





Not only traveling and having fun, field trip programs intended to implement the knowledge gaining from the class so that students could see the real case and made some reflection out of it. During the trip, students had been asked to analyze the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat of every destination from the heritage tourism perspective. Not only that, but they also assessed the facilities, accessibilities, accommodation, and attractions of each destination visited, whether it met the standard of a kind tourism destination.


Apart from touristic destinations, Binus Tourism Students also paid to visit Politeknik Pariwisata Lombok-Poltekpar Lombok (Lombok Tourism Polytechnic) on the third day. During the visitation, Binus Tourism Program has established cooperation with Poltekpar Lombok in terms of Research and Community Development.