P2A Virtual Journey: “Ecotourism & Sustainable Development” webinar

P2A Virtual Journey: Ecotourism Webinar

On June 18, 2020, Binus Tourism Destination Department and Binus International Office held a webinar with the topic Ecotourism & Sustainable Development. The webinar is part of the P2A Virtual Journey on Campus, held on 15-26 June 2020. P2A  stands for Passage to ASEAN, a program to allow students could experience study abroad or study exchange in another country. see p2a.asia.

The speaker of the webinar is Mr. Wendy Purnama Tarigan, as the head of the program of Binus Tourism Destination. Mr. Wendy explained how ecotourism could be the answer for the future of tourism in the new normal. The session was followed with the breakout room session with facilitators from Tourism Faculty Members.
The participants from the webinar were roughly 50 college students from different ASEAN countries, namely Philippine, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

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