On Wednesday June 24, 2020, Binus Tourism Destination Study Program and Binus International Office held a forum discussion to answer “How can young people support and promote ecotourism and sustainable development in the ASEAN region?” The group discussion was part of P2A Virtual Journey on Campus, held from 15-26 June 2020. P2A  stands for Passage to ASEAN, a program to allow students could experience study abroad or study exchange in another country. see p2a.asia.

The discussion was divided into four breakout sessions. The topics highlighted in every group were: heritage tourism, marine tourism, tourism planning, and rural tourism. The facilitator for the heritage tourism topic was Mr. Teguh Amor Patria, while the facilitator for marine tourism was Ms. Hana Ulinnuha. Explaining the importance of tourism planning, Ms.Ririn became a facilitator; meanwhile Mr.Yopy Maulana led the group with the topic of Rural Tourism and its potential.

The participants’ number was 5-10 people in every group, ranging from college students to the teacher. The discussions were so much alive with the students brings their perspectives as they came from different study backgrounds. The participants came from various ASEAN countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Filipina, Indonesia, Thailand, and India.