Physical evidences includes the servicescape that describe the physical facility where the service is produced/delivered.

  • The role of physical evidences as service setting creates mood, longing, desire to visit or even recomend service provider.
  • Service design as physical evidence is utmost important in giving more value to the product (example, people visit a fancy restaurant not for the dishes but for the design of ambiences.)(How a maintained buses and have an airconditioner are preferred as a good service setting) .
  • Physical evidence facilitates the flow of the services delivery process by providing information, facilitates the ordering process, and manages consumer (barriers seperate different consumer group).
  • Socialize the employee and customers with uniform that imapct in making a hight quality services images ( identify the firm’s personal, physical symbol that embodies the group’s ideals and attributes, immplies a coherent group structure, facilitates perceptions of consistent performances and assist in controlling deviant members) looks more intelligent better workers, more proffessional look, and more interactive.
  • As a facillity exterior like design,signage, parking, landscaping, surrounding environment.
  • As facillity interior, the design like colours create different atmosphere ( red = love,romance,sex,courage,danger,sinful,warmth,enthusiasme,stop. Yellow=sulight,warmth,cowardice,openess,friendliness,glorty,brightness,caution,etc)
  • Other physical evidence like business cards, stationary, billing statement, reports, brochures, etc

The process of clearly identifying and managing all the various clues that customers use to form their impressions and feelings about the firm. This make the Service more tangible, associate the service with a tangible object which is more easily perceived by the customer, creating an ideal enviroment, influence upon image formation, and atmosphere.