2021 was expected to give new hope to everyone. Most people celebrated joyously, hoping for a brighter, healthier, wealthier, and safer year. Binus Tourism was starting up the new year by conducting a field trip to Pangandaran. The field trip was held from January 25th to 28th, in Pangandaran and around. This activity had allowed students to explore and observe various tourist attractions as field practice to broaden tourism expertise conceptually and contextually. The field trip was part of field project of Tourism Community Empowerment course for Binusian 2022 students, Thematic Tourism course for Binusian students 2023, and Principle of Tourism, Leisure, and Recreation course for Binusian students 2024.

Tourist attractions visited were adjusted to the needs of the course topic of each predetermined field of study. Binusian 2024, for example, identified Tourism Supplies such as Tourist Attractions, Accommodation, Ancillary, and Accessibility. While Binusian 2023 they should determine the potential of thematic tourism in Pangandaran. Binus Tourism Students founded that Pangandaran has a great potential to become the next prime destination. The choice of tourist attractions as research locations was based on cleanliness, health, and safety. Binus executed the field trip with the high standards protocol of Covid 19.

Along with this field trip, Binus Tourism also held online and offline seminars, live from Pangandaran. Among the speakers, there was Sekretaris Dinas Pariwisata dan Budaya Kabupaten Pangandaran (Secretary of Government Tourism Office) , Mr Wawan Irawan, S.Sos, and Mr Anggun Nugraha as Tourism Planner in Pangandaran. Total of 100 participants joined the seminar (onsite and online).