The heritage which the government preserves is different from one to another. The buildings in Moscow are characterized by the social and culture of this city from the early development, while in Saint Petersburg is much more influenced by the western Europe. In Kazan, it is dominated by Moslem ambiance since the majority of the citizens in this area are Moslems.

The Government of the Russian Federations conducts policy to preserve old building in the city that are separated from the new ones. For instance, there is old town and new Moscow. The ancient buildings in the old town are still in their original architecture which symbolize the era when they were founded.

Preserving these historical monuments and buildings attract millions of tourists coming to this exotic country. Those tourists were coming not only to see the beautiful artefacts but also learn history of each and every area where the buildings were built. They are also learning how the government plan in the future.

Education and building awareness make people understand that their cities are attractive for tourists to come, and it generates income for the people in various areas such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, public transports, souvenir shops etc. therefore the people are willing to preserve their culture sustain since they get the benefits of it.