Academic Activities


A fieldtrip is a trip for various purposes. In addition to traveling also for actual educational facilities in the field. This is based on the importance of bringing students out of the classroom to absorb and interact in educational tours. Participants will get a lot of practical learning information. Field Trip itself is a Binus Tourism program every semester for visits to the best and leading selected destinations in various cities and countries. The aim of this program is to bring students to new experiences. In this case, examples are culture and tradition, and history. Fieldtrip activities allow students to open their eyes to new environments, and many new things. They become more open-minded and insightful.

Field Trip Binus Tourism ke Lombok

The field trip is a good step in improving and adding to the student learning experience, where they not only understand the concept of learning but they can also connect with their world or the existing reality. The application of this field trip is highly expected in the learning process, because in addition to students being able to understand the concept of learning material, students are also able to relate it to the real world.

kunjungan mahasiswa Binus Tourism ke Bangkok

This FieldTrip program is carried out every semester for students accompanied by Binus Tourism Lecturers.