Hello There, Greetings!!! My name is Johnie Denver, and I’m a Graduate student at Binus University studying Tourism Destination.
I have always liked traveling and Taste of culinary of each place we visit, Discovering new places and experiencing something new is somewhat makes me feel excited, especially now, when I started my academic journey at Binus University. I realized tray I can learn more about tourism from different perspectives, not just as a tourist but also as a person who care about bow to maintain a tourism place, tourism products development,culture of local people in tourism destinations, and many more!!
After my graduation I Will keep maintain how care i was with the tourism destination not just as a tourist , but also as a person who care with the tourism destination. So if you want to experience a new tourism world and perspective you can join at Binus university Tourism destination program. Enjoy and keep travelling

Johnie Denver Binusian 20, Tourism Enthusiast